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As if yesterday's troubling transits weren't enough, there's this! Hang in there peeps! To see a copy of the latest, FREE quarterly issue of the Career Astrologer magazine - a synastry relationship special issue that also contains the schedule for next April's international all-star oparetreat under the majestic, dark skies of the beautiful zionnationalpark , utah , as well as the upcoming astrological beginners course that's recommended for all those seeking to learn the basics of astrology , check out the link on the main profile page Thank you!

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On relationships, truth-to-power and Pluto Direct in Capricorn. Words to the wise indeed. Available to download from the link on the main IG profile page Reality Checking with Moon in Sagittarius and more! OPA representative for israel , evolutionaryastrologer boazfyler talks about the transits of October To learn more about OPA, see what else we do for the continuing professional development of astrologers worldwide, such as our exclusive online presentations, certification courses, conference workshops such as ncgr in Baltimore - and more -Check out the link to the latest issue of the magazine on the main profile page Join us opaastrology ncgr.

Sun, Mars and Venus are tighly conjoined in early Virgo this week. In the heart of Virgo is a living prayer: that our time-and-space on Earth can be optimized, cherished, and oriented toward the whole of living systems. You can always email me at bear psycheandsoulastrology. Did I tell you that I love your messages?

I love getting messages! Personal Post Alert! A sneak peak into the life of Bear. Just look at the handsome mug in that picture. Photo credit: Geoff Gronlund. Like what you read?

Certification with OPA

Share it with your friends! Like this: Like Loading Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We were given some basic astrological interpretations and were required to write about them. I thought it was hard at first being put on the spot, but felt I carried it out with satisfactory results. I surprised myself. I now know I chose the correct track for myself and am certain I will leave here a better writer. There were quite a few talks on Thursday, Chris McRae going over the nuts and bolts of her practice, Glenn Perry talking about running his multi-layered practice, but I would have to say the most memorable for me was the talk by Henry Seltzer on Eris.

He has been working on and researching the planet Eris. It has an orbit of years. Its orbit is irregular and is not symmetrical. The planet Eris is in Aries currently at 21 degrees.

Eris is a violent planet. She is the sister of Mars and would often go to war with Mars. She is much like the Hindu Goddess Durga. She is violent and goes after her desires with great perseverance. It was very informative and I will enjoy hearing more about Eris in the future. It was Friday morning and I felt good. This proved to be very interesting and she was able to elaborate on every animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

It was interesting to see that the more exotic animals that fell to the East side of the zodiac were considered independent.

Horary Astrology Track at the 2020 OPA RETREAT

The more domesticated animals that fell to the West of the zodiac were considered team players. The signs are assigned according to the year you were born. The time of day you were born would give you your rising sign. I happen to be born in which makes me a horse and my rising sign is a dragon. I found it to be very accurate in its descriptions.

It was very informative and I appreciated everything Monica had to tell us. I only wish she had at least another hour or two to devote to Chinese Astrology. I was definitely wanting more by the time she had finished. Next we had one of the best geeks around, Rick Levine, giving his talk about running a web based practice. This is a talk I found to be very relative to our internet based society. I realized that there are specific programs I was not using, such as Outlook. Outlook happens to be an email program which enables you many possibilities. Signature emails grabbed my attention, what a time saver.

New Year, New Things

Signature emails enable you to send a pre-formatted email which you can alter by just simply adding a new name every time you send one out. These are invaluable if you need to save time in responding to emails. He also went over some of the major networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to name a few.

He discussed how it is important to get yourself out their let others know who you are, what you do, and most important make yourself available to them. Most people are computer savvy but even if you are not, his discussion would have enlightened you and inspired you. I looked forward to this everyday because it meant I would be able to work on my writing.

I was so happy to have Arlan guiding and helping us to be better writers.

Personal Post Alert!

She is so professional and is excellent at giving us constructive criticism and praise. I enjoyed the feedback from my group members and will look forward to their continued support. Later that evening Robert Corre spoke about the business side of astrology, back side of astrology. He has an interesting approach to teaching astrology which he had learned from Zoltan Mason. He now is a full time astrologer and full time astrology teacher. He also has many different techniques of getting his astrology lessons to you. If you are not able to attend classes as most are not now days due to this economy, he broadcasts them over the internet.

He makes himself readily available to his clientele, and even sees or takes calls up to midnight. His talk was informative and showed me that yet again you be completely unique in your approach of using, teaching, and working with astrology. It is a beautiful day and the sun is shining. We start off with Sandra-Leigh Serio speaking to us about astrology and non-verbal cues during a session. She had great enthusiasm and I felt she was very passionate.