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Once you have begun to trust your intuition, you will develop a sound faith. You should avoid taking anything at face value. Nor should you take excessive chances or gamble. You are not the type that should be given to reckless living. It tends to backfire quickly for you. You prefer to work alone and set your own pace.

You tend to finish projects once started. Your interest leans to the scientific, technical and metaphysical. You are very sensitive and feel deeply, but you don't share your feelings easily and do not communicate them well. Home Birthday meanings Birthday number Birthday Number 7 The Numerology meaning of the 7 birthday Your key functional strength is in your flexible, analytical mind, and ability to make balanced decisions. Rating: 3.

Birth Day Number 7 potentials You are able to control your emotions, and take a dim view of other people's impulsive behavior. Optimal growth area for professional development People with the Birth Day Number 7 are not simple solo performers, they are improvisers.

Influence of Birth Day Number 7 on the choice of partner and family life People with the Birth Day Number 7 are usually very particular when it comes to picking a life partner. Have you failed to find the desired information?

Numerology Calculator - Calculate Your Birthday And Name Numerology

Inform us! Send a message. Future Numerology forecasts for a day, week, year or 15 years. Compatibility Compatibility between names and dates of birthday. Birthday number 1 Birthday number 2 Birthday number 3 Birthday number 4 Birthday number 5 Birthday number 6 Birthday number 7 Birthday number 8 Birthday number 9 Birthday number 10 Birthday number 11 Birthday number 12 Birthday number 13 Birthday number 14 Birthday number 15 Birthday number 16 Birthday number 17 Birthday number 18 Birthday number 19 Birthday number 20 Birthday number 21 Birthday number 22 Birthday number 23 Birthday number 24 Birthday number 25 Birthday number 26 Birthday number 27 Birthday number 28 Birthday number 29 Birthday number 30 Birthday number 31 To get a complete picture we recommend reading the pages sequentially from the first to the last.

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Get quick answers to your questions! What to expect this year. Personality traits to reinforce. Password Forgot? Remember me. Log In Do not have an account? Full name. Date of Birth. Gender Not set Male Female. They can easily know what the other person is thinking and what he wants. Their orders are made after rational thought: Number 7 persons are not prone to give orders as a rule, but once they do they want to be implemented meticulously. Their orders are made after due and rational thought, and they are normally obeyed. They are magnetic and have a good memory: Number 7 persons have a good memory.

They also have the capacity to create a lasting impression of the people they meet. Their magnetism is such that it casts a spell on people. This spell lasts for long periods. It is therefore hardly surprising that their friends cooperate so easily with them and generate so much profit for them. They are adventurers: Number 7 persons are adventurers by nature. They love literature of daring adventure. They devour spy stories. They even undertake detective work at great risk to their lives. They are brave: Number 7 persons are brave. This is often a latent trait in character.

It is better for them to recognise this trait and advance on its path. It would also create benefits. They are diligent and hard working: Number 7 persons are diligent and hard working.

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Number 7 persons must, however, remember that a donkey works the hardest but rarely succeeds. Human endeavour demands creativity and rational planning in the desired directions.

This is sometimes forgotten by number 7 persons, which results in their hard labour going in vain. They are either creative or hard-working but never both at the same time. Number 7 people must take some precautions in order to fulfil the true potential of their magnificent number. These precautions are:. Number 7 persons undergo many ups and downs in their lives. They also care very little about wealth and material things. That is the reason why they rarely amass wealth. Their wealth comes normally from their creative ideas and methods of business.

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The women of this number are very anxious about finances. They normally marry men who are richer than them.

Birthday Number 7

Number 7 people can benefit immensely if they enter into a partnership or deal with such a person. Such a partnership would prove fruitful. Romance is also likely to be rewarding with such persons. The lucky dates of number 7 persons are 1, 2 and 7, which means 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 28th and 29th of any month.


Number 7 persons must:. Number 7 persons must make it a point to carry out all their important work as per what has been mentioned above.

Birthday Number 7

They would slowly but surely start succeeding more than ever. The lucky numbers of number 7 persons are 1, 2 or 7. They must try their hand at a lottery whose last digit is 1, 2 or 7 or whose digits add up to 1, 2 or 7. Number 7 persons must wear these colours as much as possible, at least on important occasions.

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If wearing them is not always possible then any of these colours must be prominently visible in the colour combination of the clothes worn. Alternatively a white, green or light yellow handkerchief, preferably visible, would suffice.