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Aquarius Next Weekly Horoscope. WeeklyHoroscope com. Aquarius Horoscope - Excinting predictions revealed!

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Monthly horoscope Aquarius January - Horoscope. Aquarius horoscope - Yearly Horoscopes Weekly Horoscope June 2 to June 8, Astrology. Horoscope for March 2, Aquarius, focus on life balance.

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Aquarius: Your career horoscope - August How Aquarius Lunar. Horoscope Aquarius August Aquarius Weekly Horoscope by Prescient Priscilla. Aquarius horoscope - Powerful Tips for an exceptional year. Aquarius Horoscope. Are you an Aquarius? A huge amount of stress and worry has been weighing you down the Nine of Swords is a tough card about unspoken anxiety. The Eight of Cups and Judgement combine to advise you that NOW is the time to simultaneously close one door it might feel sad and open another let yourself feel hope and optimism.

In making this transition, you need to stay in touch with your emotions. What are their triggers and root causes? What life lessons or atonement should you extract from this chapter? The theme of rivalry and competition is important this week, as announced by the presence of the sharp-elbowed Seven of Wands. Perhaps you see others, seemingly, doing better or getting somewhere faster than you have. STOP with the comparisons. Focus on yourself and your unique skills and character.

THAT is all that counts.

Aquarius Horoscope

Where are you headed? Do you still desire that destination? Do you want to tweak your course? It hints that you are perfectly poised to set off in pursuit of a true, life-long ambition and dream-come-true.

What lifestyle do you dream of? You know, the reason you dream of it is because the Universe is nudging you in its direction. Now is the time to believe you can manifest it, and make a step in its direction. The Ten of Coins asks you to focus on the long-term game, the distant horizon, a lifestyle and world where this repeat pattern no longer affects you.

What does that look like?

Free Love Tarot Reading: Interactive Love & Relationship Card Reading

What are you doing differently? Is there anyone no longer in your life as a result?

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Are you someplace else, doing something else? With convivial Venus moving into Scorpio and a more prominent zone on Tuesday, this is a good time to connect with those who have an influence on your life.


This can be a boss, manager, clients, or anyone who is an important part of your everyday life. While you may not become best pals, forging a link can be very beneficial to you now.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

The full moon in Aries this weekend could see you ready to argue your case, but try to avoid getting into a spat. Stay cool and it will blow over.

What's In Your Future? Get answers now with a video psychic reading. OCT 8, - Read full overview. Are you ready for a shakeup?